Highlight of the Month

Marie et Marion, Music from the Montpellier Codex

On their 1994 album Love's Illusion the extraordinary female vocal quartet Anonymous  4 brought 13th-century motets of courtly love to the top of the classical charts, spending 29 weeks on Billboard's Top 200. Twenty years later they return to the source, this time exploring the juxtaposition of love and desire for the earthly lady Marion and the ardor for the heavenly Marie.That source is the French Montpellier Codex, collected c. 1300.

On “Marie et Marion” Anonymous 4 continue to bring their signature exquisite vocal blend to these captivating and ethereal ancient songs. In a recent concert review, The New York Times described "Marie et Marion" as "a rich compilation of French motets...lovingly and radiantly sung."

VIDEO: Marie et Marion