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Ombra mai fù. Arias for castrati

Andreas Scholl, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
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    Handel at the height of his glory!

    According to Charles Burney Handel's operas represented the most complete concerts during which, in addition to the most perfect singing and the effects of a mighty and well-disciplined orchestra, there were excellent acting and splendid scenes and stage decorations.

    Thanks to his numerous contacts with Italy, Handel had the opportunity of calling upon the most extrodinary castrati. On this recording we can hear the most beautiful arias ever written for these castrati who, thanks to countertenors like Andreas Scholl, have come back to life...

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    Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia (Londres, 1727)
    · Ouverture (5'55)
    · Ballo di Larve (3'19)
    · Recitativo-accompagnato Orride larve (3'30)
    · Aria Chiudetevi, miei lumi (Atto I, scena 1) (3'46)
    Serse (Londres, 1738)
    · Sinfonia (1'12)
    · Recitativo Frondi tenere (0'40)
    · Aria Ombra mai fú (Atto I, scena 1) (3'00)
    Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Londres, 1724)
    · Aria Se in fiorito prato (Atto II, scena 2) (7'53)
    · Gigue (1'55)
    · Aria Va tacito (Atto I, scena 9) (6'48)
    Radamisto, suite instrumentale (Londres, 1720)
    · Passacaille (4'34)
    · Gigue (1'04)
    · Passepied (0'33)
    · Rigaudon (1'03)
    Rodelinda, Regina de Langobardi (Londres, 1725)
    · Sinfonia - Recitativo Pompe vano di morte (2'28)
    · Aria Dove sei(Atto I, scena 6) (5'02)
    · Sinfonia (1'35)
    · Accompagnato Si, l'infida consorte (0'31)
    · Aria Confusa si miri (Atto I, scena 11) (4'42)
    · Alcina (Londres, 1735)
    Aria Verdi prati (Atto II, scena 1) (3'47)
    Alexander's Feast, concerto grosso (Londres, 1736)
    · Allegro (3'23)
    · Largo (2'26)
    · Allegro (3'21)
    · Andante non presto (3'29)

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