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"An Unexpected Mozart". Church sonatas, works for glass harmonica & mechanical clocks, Solfeggio, etc.

Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas, Les Surprises, Marie Perbost, Marc Mauillon
2 CD
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Unfamiliar Mozart
Always curious about unjustly neglected repertoire, Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas introduces us here to a Mozart we have not met. Above and beyond his church sonatas, works written on commission, pieces meant to showcase a vocalist or an instrument (such as the rarely heard glass harmonica) or as a mark of friendship with another musician, this is a veritable treasure chest of musical gems that reflect the incredible versatility of the Salzburg genius.

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An unexpected Mozart
· Church Sonata no. 13 in C major K. 329
ut majeur / C-Dur
violins, oboes, horns, trumpets, timpani, bass and organ (4'06)
· Church Sonata no. 1 in E-flat major K. 67
mi bémol majeur / Es-Dur
violins and organ (2'29)
· Church Sonata no. 14 in C major
ut majeur / C-Dur
violins, bass and organ (4'43)
· Fragment eines Präludium K. 624
harpsichord (3'05)
· Ariette "Oiseaux si tous les ans" K. 307
soprano and harpsichord (1'33)
· Gigue in G major K. 574
sol majeur / G-Dur
harpsichord (1'41)
· Romance : 12 variations on "Colin à peine à seize ans" H. 226 (Wq.118/6)
G major / sol majeur / G-Dur
soprano and harpsichord (6'18)
· Church Sonata no. 8 in F major K. 244
fa majeur / F-Dur
violins, bass and organ (3'25)
· Flötenuhrstücke Hob. XIX (extracts)
No. 13 in C major - No. 2 in F major - No. 23 in C major
organ (3'45)
· Church Sonata no. 10 in C major K. 263
ut majeur / C-Dur
trumpets, violins, bass and organ (5'11)
· Solfeggio No.2 in F major K. 393
soprano and organ (2'59)
· Kirchenlied "O Gottes Lamm" K. 343/1
soprano and pianoforte (1'51)
· Ouverture from the Suite for keyboard K. 399
piano carré organisé (4'02)
· Kleiner Trauermarsch in C minor K. 453a
do mineur / c-Moll
piano carré organisé (1'57)
· Flötenuhrstücke Hob. XIX (extracts)
No. 27 in G major - No. 25 in D major
organ (3'41)
· Church Sonata no. 4 in D major K. 144
ré majeur / D-Dur
violins, bass and organ (3'11)
· Andante in F major K. 616
fa majeur / F-Dur
organ (7'01)
· Church Sonata no. 15 in F major K. 224
fa majeur / F-Dur
violins, bass and organ (4'45)

An unexpected Mozart
· Adagio in C major K. 356
ut majeur / C-Dur
glass harmonica (3'59)
· Church Sonata no. 3 in D major K. 69
ré majeur / D-Dur
violins, bass and organ (2'24)
· Adagio and Allegro in F minor K. 594
fa mineur / F-Moll
organ (8'20)
· Church Sonata no. 17 in C major K. 336
ut majeur / C-Dur
violins, bass and organ (4'47)
· Adagio K. 546 (arr. L.N. Bestion de Camboulas) and Fugue K. 426 in C minor
ut mineur / c-Moll
two harpsichords (6'49)
· Fantasia "ein oder nicht sein" Wq.202 (Hamlet Fantaisie)
baritone and harpsichord (5'42)
· Lied "Komm, liebe Zither" K. 351
baritone and mandoline (1'50)
· Fantasia in F minor K. 608
fa mineur / F-Moll
· Church Sonata no. 2 in B flat major K. 68
si bémol majeur / B-Dur
violins, bass and organ (2'46)
· Ariette "Dans un bois solitaire" K. 308
baritone and pianoforte (3'06)
· Lied Die Zufriedenheit "Was frag' ich viel nach Geld und Gut' K. 349
voice and mandolin (3'59)
· Adagio K. 593a and Fugue arr. from the Requiem K. 626 (Kyrie, arr. L.N. Bestion de Camboulas)
D minor /ré mineur / D-Moll
two harpsichords (3'24)
· Church Sonata no. 11 in G major K. 274
sol majeur / G-Dur
violins, bass and organ (3'15)
· Church Sonata no. 12 in C major K. 278
ut majeur / C-Dur
oboes, trumpets, timpani, violins, bass and organ (3'43)


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