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"The Elfin Knight". Ballads & Dances from Renaissance England

Joel Frederiksen, Ensemble Phoenix Munich
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    Telling stories in song – this is the vocation of Joel Frederiksen, a deep bass with an exceptional timbre. Accompanying himself on the lute or surrounded by his own ensemble based in Munich, this extraordinary musician invites us to discover popular ballads belonging to both English and American traditions. He transcends his scrupulous musical and historical research to bring back to vivid life a whole forgotten world, sometimes redolent of the age of chivalry, sometimes firmly rooted in everyday reality. A spellbinding experience!

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    • Joel Frederiksen


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    · Whittingham Faire (The Elfin Knight) (2'45)
    · Walsingham (2'37)
    · Greensleeves (3'26)
    · Go from my window (2'06)
    · Go from my window (1'27)
    · Lord Darly (6'55)
    · Fortune, my foe (6'48)
    · My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (1'28)
    · Farewell, adieu that courtly life (2'06)
    · Brave Lord Willoughby (5'10)
    · Yonder comes a courteous Knight (5'48)
    · La bouree (0'30)
    · Willie O'Winsbury (5'44)
    · Gigue (0'42)
    · The Lover's Tasks (The Elfin Knight) (1'02)
    · Farewell, lovely Nancy (2'59)
    · Watkin's Ale (5'34)
    · London's Lotterie (2'57)
    · Barbara Ellen (7'25)
    · Untitled and Corne yairds (2'20)
    · Ane Scottis Dance (0'51)
    · London (3'50)
    · Scarborough Faire (The Elfin Knight) (4'03)

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