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"Bye-bye Berlin" : Kurt Weill, Schulhoff, Hindemith, Eisler, Hollaender, Berg

Marion Rampal, Quatuor Manfred, Raphaël Imbert
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    Bye bye… or Berlin for ever?
    Throughout the 1920s, all eyes were turned towards Berlin. Driven by a collective energy, artists of all persuasions (writers, painters, architects, filmmakers and composers) there established the principles of “New Objectivity”, which saw the city become the very epitome of modernity, at the same time as following in the footsteps of other great cities worldwide, not least New York, the birthplace of jazz. Life in Berlin was not the stuff of romance however: strikes, poverty, repression, the rise of Nazism… The post-war social context contributed to the craze that swept the capital for cabaret, a kind of safety valve that allowed for a moral and social release. It is this ephemeral, underground world of “Great Berlin” as depicted in The Blue Angel that Marion Rampal and the Quatuor Manfred invite us to rediscover here, in collaboration with saxophonist Raphaël Imbert: a liberal burst of freedom and humanity delivered with passion!

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    • Marion Rampal
    • Quatuor Manfred
      String Quartet
    • Raphaël Imbert



    KURT WEILL [1900-1950]
    · Youkali (4'14)
    ERWIN SCHULHOFF [1860-1942]
    · III. Chanson (2'36)
    KURT WEILL [1900-1950]
    Die Dreigroschenoper
    · Die Morität von Mackie Messer (4'42)
    · Barbara-Song (4'37)
    ERWIN SCHULHOFF [1860-1942]
    · IV. Andante molto sostenuto (6'15)
    · Ouvertüre (1'25)
    ARNO BILLING [1898-1985]
    · The Lavender Song
    · Help me Lord (4'59)
    HANNS EISLER [1898-1962]
    · Nein (3'32)
    KURT WEILL [1900-1950]
    · II. Langsam und innig (3'54)
    · Ballad of a Drowned Girl (4'17)
    HANNS EISLER [1898-1962]
    · Kühle Wampe, oder: Wem gehört die Welt?
    Solidaritätslied (3'27)
    · I saw many friends (2'28)
    A Foreign Affair
    · The Ruins of Berlin (2'55)
    · Black Market (3'56)
    · Falling in love again (3'35)
    ALBAN BERG [1885-1935]
    · Die Nachtigall (2'20)

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