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Concert op.21 / Sonata for piano and violin

Isabelle Faust, Alexander Melnikov
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Thanks to the combined talents of Isabelle Faust (performing on a gut-strung violin) and Alexander Melnikov (on a period piano), César Frank’s Sonata reclaims the incomparable sonority and texture which reveal its intended poetry and force. The celebrated Concert by Ernest Chausson likewise regains its astonishing freshness in this new light which delicately illuminates the intimate sound world of the composer.

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CÉSAR FRANCK [1822-1890] Sonata for piano and violin in A Major, FW8 · I. Allegro ben moderato (6'32) · II. Allegro (7'53) · III. Recitativo fantasia. Ben moderato (7'24) · IV. Allegro poco mosso (6'12)ERNEST CHAUSSON [1855-1899] Concert for Violin, Piano and String Quartet in D Major, Op.21 · I. Décidé (13'58) · II. Sicilienne (4'26) · III. Grave (9'41) · IV. Finale. Très animé (10'52)

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