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Middle Ages

Chants of the Cathedral of Benevento

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès

Excerpt:Office de l'Adoration de la Croix. Antienne

Chants of the Cathedral of Benevento

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The Adoration of the Cross
· Antiphon: Otin to stauron / O quando in cruce (6'50)
· Antiphon: Proskinumen ton stauron / Adoramus crucem tuamPsalm 22 : Deus Deus meus respice in me (4'47)
· Antiphon: Ton stauron sou proskinumen / Crucem tuamPsalm 148: Laudate Dominum (7'23)
· Antiphon: Enumen sou Xriste / Laudamus te Christe
Psalm 149: Cantate Domino canticum novum (6'06)
· Monition: Panta ta ethni / Omnes gentes (2'51)
· Responsory: Amicus meus osculi me tradit
Verse: Retulit triginta argenteis (6'41)
Easter Vigil
· Acclamation: Doxa en ipsistis / Gloria in excelsis (2'21)
· Monition: Si quis catechumenus est (1'06)
Mass for Easter Day
· Ingressa: Maria vidit angelum (9'38)
· Kyrie: Ad monumentum Domini (5'15)
· Alleluia: Pascha nostrum (3'45)
· Alleluia: Resurrexi tamquam & Laudate pueri (4'17)
· Offertory: Angelus Domini descendit de celo (1'56)
· Communion: Qui manducaverit (10'27)

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