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Debussy, Poulenc: Works for cello & piano

Jean-Guihen Queyras, Alexandre Tharaud
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    Debussy and Poulenc made a lasting impact on the musical identity of their country through both their references to the past and their innovations. This programme illustrates their vision of a certain esprit français: moving constantly between irony and emotion, extremely refined, yet at the same time offering an amplified echo of ‘light’ music – in short, the ‘exquisite bad music’ the creator of Les Mamelles de Tirésias prided himself on writing. The trajectory of these two interpreters of the young generation in France, who have already made several recordings together, has led them naturally to this repertoire.

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    CLAUDE DEBUSSY [1862-1918]
    Sonate n°1 pour violoncelle et piano
    en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll

    · I. Prologue (4'12)
    · II. Sérénade (3'19)
    · III. Finale (3'18)
    · Valse "La plus que lente" (4'26)
    FRANCIS POULENC [1899-1963]
    Sonate pour violoncelle et piano
    · I. Allegro - Tempo di Marcia (5'24)
    · II. Cavatine (5'52)
    · III. Ballabile (3'19)
    · IV. Finale (6'15)
    · Bagatelle en ré mineur
    D minor / d-moll (2'09)
    · Sérénade (2'21)
    Suite française d'après Claude Gervaise
    · I. Bransle de Bourgogne (1'19)
    · II. Pavane (2'30)
    · III. Petite marche militaire (1'05)
    · IV. Complainte (1'07)
    · V. Bransle de Champagne (1'52)
    · VI. Sicilienne (1'23)
    · VII. Carillon (1'36)
    CLAUDE DEBUSSY [1862-1918]
    · Scherzo (5'26)
    · Intermezzo (4'50)

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