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"Eastern Songs"

Soeur Marie Keyrouz & L'Ensemble de la Paix
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    ‘The voice, the text, the instrument and the music must become one in the service of the Sacred, so that the message is transmitted, leading the listener, the ‘other’, to a contemplative state of mind and soul and to prayer. Whether it be a catechetic, a musical or a devotional implement, this recording aims at being an encounter and a prayer. But is this not the aim of all sacred song?’

    This title was released for the first time in 1996.

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    • Soeur Marie Keyrouz
    • L'Ensemble de la Paix
      Chamber ensemble


    • S. Marie Keyrouz
    • Wadih El-Safi
    • Père Elie Kesrouani
    • Zaki Nassif
    • Joseph Absi


    S. MARIE KEYROUZ · Magnificat (11'09) WADIH EL-SAFI · Ilahi hanayta-s-sama'  (Dieu! Tu as incliné le Ciel!)  (8'11) PÈRE ELIE KESROUANI · Ya sakban min nour (La Berceuse des Saints)  (12'34) ZAKI NASSIF · Amamaka (Devant toi Seigneur)  (5'01) WADIH EL-SAFI · Arrabou bini'amihi zayyanaki  (Dieu t'a comblée De Ses Grâces) (13'21) JOSEPH ABSI · Kama yachtaqu (7'32) S. MARIE KEYROUZ · Ousa'ilu 'anka fi dhanni (15'43)

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