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Études-tableaux op.39. Corelli Variations . Six Poems op.38

Alexander Melnikov, Elena Brilova

Excerpt:IV. Allegro assai

Alternating the roles of soloist and accompanist, Alexander Melnikov has brought together here two works emblematic of Rachmaninoff at his creative peak – before it was brutally interrupted by the sound and the fury of 1917: the famous Études-tableaux op.39 and Six Poems op.38 were followed by a very long silence. In 1931, it was a man broken by destiny who produced the Variations on a Theme by Corelli, a bitter work that yearns for a past gone forever.
This title was released for the first time in 2008.

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Neuf Etudes-tableaux op.39
· I. Allegro agitato (ut mineur / C minor / c-moll) (2'48)
· II. Lento assai (la mineur / A minor / a-moll) (7'25)
· III. Allegro molto (fa dièse mineur / F sharp minor / fis-moll) (2'36)
· IV. Allegro assai (si mineur / B minor / h-moll) (3'35)
· V. Appassionato (mi bémol mineur / E flat minor / es-moll) (4'58)
· VI. Allegro (la mineur / A minor / a-moll) (2'52)
· VII. Lento lugubre (ut mineur / C minor / c-moll) (9'51)
· VIII. Allegro moderato (ré mineur / D minor / d-moll) (3'08)
· IX. Allegro moderato (Ré majeur / D major / D-dur) (3'53)
Six Poèmes op.38
· Noch'iou v sadou ou menia...
(La nuit dans mon jardin / In my Garden at Night...) (1'55)
· K niéï (Pour elle / To Her) (2'53)
· Margaritki
(Les marguerites / Daisies) (2'39)
· Krysolov
(Le joueur de flûte / The Pied Piper) (2'44)
· Son (Le sommeil / Dreams) (3'40)
· Aou (Vers les cimes / 'A-oo', the Quest) (2'24)
· Variations sur un thème de Corelli op.42 (17'08)

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