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"Resonances" Series

Music at Westmeinster. From Tallis to Britten

Multiple performers
2 CD
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    Westminster Abbey, the church at which all English monarchs have been crowned since 1066, is one of the great musical centres of the United Kingdom. Over the centuries, the leading British organists, singers and composers have been closely associated with the abbey, which still plays a preponderant role in the musical and cultural life of the realm. From Orlando Gibbons to Benjamin Britten, this two-disc anthology presents a musical tour of the prestigious monument, its cloisters and the grandiose abbey church itself. A musical guide complete with plan to take you on a sumptuous pilgrimage through five centuries of creation.

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    ROBERT WHITE [1538-1574]
    · Christe qui lux es et dies (6'23)
    ROBERT PARSONS [c.1530-1570]
    · In nomine a 4 no.2 (2'19)
    ORLANDO GIBBONS [1583-1625]
    · O clap your hands together (5'34)
    · Not unto us, O Lord (4'58)
    · Voluntarie in C (4'09)
    ORLANDO GIBBONS [1583-1625]
    · See, see, the Word is incarnate (6'19)
    PELHAM HUMFREY [1647-1674]
    · Hear my crying, O God (10'29)
    HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
    · My heart is inditing, verse anthem Z30 (14'34)
    · Funeral Sentences (Funeral Music for Queen Mary) (15'01)

    · The truth from above (2'18)
    BENJAMIN BRITTEN [1913-1976]
    Sacred and Profane Eight Medieval Lyrics op.91 for unaccompanied voices
    · St. Godric's Hymn (1'41)
    · I mon waxe wod (0'40)
    · Lenten is come (2'19)
    · The long night (1'32)
    · Yif ic of luve can (2'42)
    · Carol (1'54)
    · Ye that pasen by (1'52)
    · A death (3'03)
    · The Blessed Son of God (2'37)
    HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
    · Job's curse - from Harmonia Sacra (5'20)
    BENJAMIN BRITTEN [1913-1976]
    Rejoice in the Lamb: A Festival Cantata
    · Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues (3'44)
    · For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry (1'59)
    · For the Mouse is a creature of great personal valour (0'47)
    · For the flowers are great blessings (2'03)
    · For I am under the same accusation with my Saviour (2'38)
    · For He is a spirit and therefore he is God (1'01)
    · For the instruments are by their rhimes (2'19)
    · Hallelujah from the heart of God (1'14)
    HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
    · An evening Hymn - Three Divine hymns from Harmonia Sacra (4'25)
    BENJAMIN BRITTEN [1913-1976]
    · A Hymn to the Virgin (3'12)
    · Hymn to St Cecilia op27 (11'24)

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