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Für Elise. Piano Sonata op.110

Brigitte Engerer
1 CD
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    Private letters and public works.
    This recording gives us a glimpse into Beethoven’s daily work habits as well as of a temperament that was much more versatile than we might imagine – whether he is charming the Viennese public (Für Elise) or working on a great monument like the Sonata, Op.110…

    This title was released for the first time in 1991.

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    • Brigitte Engerer


    LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN [1770-1827]
    · Rondo op.51 n°1 en Sol majeur
    G major / G-dur (6'07)
    · Rondo op.51 n°2 en Ut majeur
    C major / C-dur (9'51)
    · Six Variations sur "Les Ruines d'Athènes" op.76 (6'17)
    · Bagatelle "A Elise" WoO 59
    en la mineur / A minor / a-moll (3'12)
    · Andante favori WoO 57 (9'14)
    Sonate n°31 op.110 en La bémol majeur
    A flat major / As-dur

    · Moderato cantabile (7'07)
    · Allegro molto (2'21)
    · Adagio (3'45)
    · Fuga, Allegro ma non troppo (7'47)

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