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Middle Ages

Graduel d'Aliénor de Bretagne. 13th & 14th cent. plain chant & polyphony

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
1 CD

Excerpt:Natus est hodie Dominus

Adhering to his research-based approach, this time Marcel Pérès employs it to reveal the treasures of a priceless thirteenth-century manuscript: the gradual of Eleanor of Brittany. Boasting an impressive iconography, it also documents the liturgical singing practice of its day in general and the musical life at the Abbey of Fontevraud in particular. The Ensemble Organum and Marcel Pérès present this sacred chant in a miraculous reconstruction which radically reframes our received ideas about medieval music.

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· I. Séquence. Natus est hodie Dominus (6'51)
· II. Kyrie. Orbis factor (5'36)
· III. Gloria in excelsis Deo (3'52)
· IV. Alleluia. Per te Dei genitrix (3'40)
· V. Alleluia. Nigra sum sed formosa (3'19)
· VI. Alleluia. Post partum (2'49)
· VII. Sequence. Verbum bonum (2'55)
· VIII. Epître tropée en français. Saint Paul à Titus (11'22)
· IX. Credo in unum Deum (5'30)
· X. Cantus : Hodie donum datur gracie (3'12)
· XI. Communion. Viderunt omnes fines terre (4'51)
· XII. Cantus. Virga Iesse floruit (2'54)
· XIII. Benedicamus Domino (0'51)
· XIV. Séquence. Res est admirabilis (2'54)

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