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"Heavenly Harmonies". 9 Psalms Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter. Motets

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    At the heart of the religious disputes which ravaged 16th-century England, Tallis and Byrd embody two opposing tendencies: the former’s austere, homophonic Protestant psalm tunes, in which the clarity of the biblical texts was paramount, contrast with the latter’s Catholic motets, which constantly heighten musical expressivity and emotiveness. Yet, far from being stifled by the rigour of one camp or the traditionalism of the other, the creativity of these two masters of English music thrived on such constraints as they dedicated themselves to the service of their art and of God.

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    THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Third Tune: Why fum'th in fight (0'56) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Vigilate (4'16) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Fifth Tune: E'en like the hunted hind (1'04) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Ne irascaris Domine (9'38) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Second Tune: Let God arise (0'51) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Exsurge Domine (4'30) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Sixth Tune: Expend, O Lord (1'10) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Infelix ego (16'03) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Eighth Tune: God grant with grace (1'34) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Laetentur coeli (3'39) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · First Tune: Man blest no doubt (1'11) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Quis est homo (7'13) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Veni creator: Come Holy Ghost (0'31) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] Mass Propers for Pentecost · Introit: Spiritus Domini (4'31) · Offertory: Confirma hoc Deus (2'08) · Communion: Factus est repente (1'43) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Seventh Tune: Why brag'st in malice (0'47) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Tribulationes civitatum (10'27) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Fourth Tune: O come in one to praise the Lord (0'59) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Laudibus in sanctis (5'34)

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