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Il Canzoniere di Messer Francesco Petrarca

Huelgas-Ensemble, Paul Van Nevel
1 CD

It was in seeking to set to music the emotions they found in literary texts and poems – imitar le parole – that the madrigalists of the early sixteenth century rediscovered the poetry of Francesco Petrarca. The rich imagery of his language provided the springboard for Orlande de Lassus, in particular, to show his mastery over a period of nearly forty years as one of the greatest composers of madrigals.

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  • Huelgas-Ensemble
  • Paul Van Nevel


ROLAND DE LASSUS [1530-1594]
· Solo e pensoso a 5 (5'04)
· S'una fede amorosa (3'25)
· Di pensier in pensier a 6 (3'30)
· Tutto'l dí piango (5'22)
· Cantai, hor piango a 5 (4'43)
· Che fai, alma ? a 7 (3'37)
· Là ver' l' aurora (12'07)
· Mia benigna fortuna a 5 (4'01)
· Io son sí stanco sotto a 5 (3'16)
· I'vo piangendo (6'28)

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