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"Kantate" - German Baroque Cantatas

Andreas Scholl, Concerto di Viole, Basel Consort


The Times (London) - Classical CDs of the Year 1998

A German Anthology
The pieces on this recording demonstrate the consummate art with which the German composers reconciled the new ideas imported from Italy at the very beginning of the 17th century (the principle of the basso continuo, accompanied monody, the concertato technique) with local traditions, thereby giving birth to works of a subtle beauty and an almost inexhaustible richness. This stylistic revolution paved the way to the flourishing of great forms like the vocal solo, the spiritual concert, the cantata, etc. cultivated by composers as different as Schütz, Buxtehude, Tunder and Erlebach: in the very heart of Baroque Europe the Germans were taking their place.

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HEINRICH SCHÜTZ [1585-1672] · O Jesu, nomen dulce SWV 308 (3'40) GIOVANNI ROVETTA [1595-1668] · Ach, Herr, laß deine lieben Engelein (7'40) JOHANN CHRISTOPH FRIEDRICH BACH [1732-1795] · Lamento "Ach, daß ich Wassers g'nug hätte" (7'06) FRANZ TUNDER [1614-1667] · Salve mi Jesu (6'01) GIOVANNI LEGRENZI [1626-1690] · Sonata Quinta a quattro, viole da gamba o come piace aus "La Cetra", 1673 Adagio - Presto - Presto - Adagio - Presto (6'10) DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE [1637-1707] · Klag-Lied "Muß der Tod denn auch entbinden" aus "Fried- und freudenreiche Hinfahrt", BuxW 76 (8'07) PHILIPP HEINRICH ERLEBACH [1657-1714] · Wer sich dem Himmel übergeben (6'57) HEINRICH SCHÜTZ [1585-1672] · Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr SWV 348 (4'56) DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE [1637-1707] · Jubilate Domino (8'39) IGNAZIO ALBERTINI [1644-1685] · Sonata IV pour violon et basse continue en ut mineur / C minor / c-moll Adagio - Adagio - Adagio - Allegro (5'53) HEINRICH SCHÜTZ [1585-1672] · Was hast du verwirket SWV 307 (3'51)

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