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Keyboard Music vol.4. Sonatas, Variations K 354, Prelude and Fugue K 394

Kristian Bezuidenhout
1 CD
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    “Kristian Bezuidenhout plays Mozart on the fortepiano like no-one else. ...He performs ... with all the sensitivity, expressivity, flair and stylistic integrity that has marked him out as a supreme master of the early keyboard. ...the tone is vibrant, the music thoroughly engaging, and the genius of Mozart is brilliantly and eloquently served.” – THE SCOTSMAN (UK) (Review of Volume 3)
    "Bezuidenhout is a prince of the fortepiano, making it sing in melodic phrases as no other practitioner of this intractable instrument has done in my experience." – THE TIMES (UK) (Review of Volume 2)

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    · Fantasia in D Minor, K.397 (5'25)
    Piano Sonata in D Major, K.311
    · I. Allegro con spirito (4'40)
    · II. Andante con expressione (5'36)
    · III. Rondeau: Allegro (6'16)
    Prelude & Fugue in C Major, K.394
    · I. Adagio (4'59)
    · II. Fugue (4'53)
    12 Variations on 'Je suis Lindor' in E-flat Major, K.354
    · Theme: Allegretto (1'15)
    · I. Variation I (1'03)
    · II. Variation II (1'03)
    · III. Variation III (1'20)
    · IV. Variation IV (1'25)
    · V. Variation V (0'58)
    · VI. Variation VI (1'01)
    · VII. Variation VII (1'14)
    · VIII. Variation VIII (1'29)
    · IX. Variation IX (1'42)
    · X. Variation X (0'34)
    · XI. Variation XI (0'36)
    · XII. Variation XII (2'01)
    · Allegretto (1'25)
    Piano Sonata in G Major, K.283
    · I. Allegro (5'49)
    · II. Andante (6'28)
    · III. Presto (4'15)
    · Fantasia in D Minor, K.397 (Completed by A.E.Müller) (5'39)

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