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Middle Ages

Legends of St Nicholas: European chant and polyphony

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    Patron of ancient sailors and modern icon of Christmas charity, St. Nicholas has long been the subject of many popular liturgical works. From the dark legends of his visits to evil-doers to his altruistic and miraculous acts in defense of his flock, the life of St. Nicholas continues to inspire even into the new millennium.

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    ANONYMOUS · Intonent hodie (1'56) · Exultemus et letemur (1'57) · Gaudens in domino (1'34) · Seint Nicolas was borne in the citee of Patras (2'18) · Confessor dei nicholaus (5'46) · Cantu mirro, summa laude (4'49) · Sainte nicholaes (1'05) · Whanne the bisshop of the citee of Myre deied (3'21) · Nicholai presulis (1'59) · Cum quidam fluctuantia (2'19) · Novus presul prodiit (5'09) · Sainte Nicholaes (1'08) · All the province of Seint Nicholas suffered gret peyne for hunger (3'34) · Plaudat letitia (4'25) · Salve cleri speculum/Salve iubar presulum/[Sospitati]/[Sospitati] (3'00) · Sainte Nicholaes (1'09) · A worschipfull man hadde thre doughtres virgines (4'59) · Fulget nicolaus (2'35) · Ex eius tumba/PROSA Sospitati dedit egros (6'14) · Gaudens in domino (1'37) · And whanne our Lorde lust to take Seint Nicholas oute of this worlde (2'28) · Psallat chorus/Eximie pater/[Aptatur] (0'54) · Nicholae presulum (1'52) · Nicholaus pontifex (2'18)

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