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"London, 1740": Handel's musicians

La Rêveuse, Florence Bolton, Benjamin Perrot
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For this new instalment of their series devoted to British music of the eighteenth century, the musicians of La Rêveuse take us to London in the 1740s. The leading Italian and German virtuosos Handel invited to play in his orchestra brought a powerful wind of change to English musical life, while the Scot James Oswald achieved the tour de force of making the music of his country fashionable in the drawing rooms of London.

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Charles Weideman (c.1705-1782) Concerto VI Op. 2 for German Flute (traverso) E minor / Mi mineur · Adagio e grazioso (03'13) · Allegro assai (04'05) · Amoroso (05'03)George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) Trio sonata V op. 2 HWV 390 G minor / Sol mineur · Larghetto (03'00) · Allegro (02'50) · Adagio (02'12) · Allegro (03'31)Giuseppe Sammartini (1695-1750) Concerto a piu Istromenti per la Fluta GSM 1711 F major / Fa majeur · Allegro (04'46) · [Siciliano] (04'08) · Allegro assai (03'57)Pietro Castrucci (1679-1752) Sonata for viola da gamba G minor / Sol mineur · Affectuoso (04'49) · Allegro (02'50) · Giga (02'49)James Oswald (1710-1759) The Caledonian Pocket Companion · Hugar Mu Fean (02'51) · Sleepy Maggy (01'34) A Sonata of Scots Tunes  D major / Ré majeur · O Mother what shall I do (Largo) (02'00) · Ettrick Banks (Adagio) (01'00) · She rose and let me in (Andante) (00'44) · Cromlit's Lilt (Largo) (01'33) · Polwart on the Green (Andante) (03'40) The Caledonian Pocket Companion · The Cameronian's Rant (03'21) · Up in the Morning Early (03'09)George Frideric Handel · Hornpipe Compos'd for the Concert at Vauxhall HWV 356 (01'42)


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