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Lute Music

Paul O'Dette
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    The son of a lute maker and prominent teacher, Melchior Neusidler was lucky enough to gain the favour of the Fuggers, a rich family of Augsburg bankers: soon his skills as a performer and their passion for his art enabled him to make his living from music – despite his difficult character, which discouraged many patrons! Paul O’Dette breathes new life into the music of this now forgotten master, which at one time was to be heard all over Europe.

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    • Melchior Neusidler


    MELCHIOR NEUSIDLER [1531-1594]
    · Wie möcht ich fröhlich werden (1'48)
    · Ricercar Terzo (3'50)
    · Ung gai bergier
    [Thomas Crecquillon, intabulated by Neusidler] (2'48)
    · Pass'e mezzo antico con il suo saltarello (4'48)
    · Der Fuggerin Dantz (2'08)
    · Ricercar secondo [Il primo libro] (5'16)
    · Ich gieng einmal spatzieren (2'34)
    · O felici occhi miei
    [Jacques Arcadelt, intabulated by Neusidler] (3'04)
    · Ricercar secondo [Il secondo libro] (3'03)
    · Beschaffens glück ist unversammpt (2'45)
    · Fantasia (2'26)
    · Der Dorisanen Dantz mit Hupffauff (1'53)
    · Phantasia (6'26)
    · Cara mia dolce stella
    [Hans Leo Hassler, intabulated by Neusidler} (3'39)
    · Chi passa per sta strada (2'26)
    · Wann ich des Morgens früh auffsteh (2'29)
    · O s'io potessi donna
    [Jacquet de Berchem, intabulated by Neusidler] (4'33)
    · Fantasia 21 (4'25)
    · Nun lob mein Seel den Herren, Psalm 103 (0'59)
    · Herr Gott nun sey gepreyset (1'38)
    · Joseph lieber Joseph mein (3'00)
    · Pass'e mezzo e Saltarello (3'29)
    · Ancor che col partire
    [Cipriano de Rore, intabulated by Neusidler] (3'20)
    · Fantasia super Ancor che col partire (4'59)

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