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Miserere mei Deus. De Profundis. Deploration on the Death of Ockeghem

Cappella Amsterdam, Daniel Reuss
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    ‘To lament, to mourn, to memorialise: such was the new fashion at the very end of the fifteenth century’, writes Alice Tacaille. ‘The poet, in mourning the musician, attains an expressive intimacy . . . a eulogy of art that places the lamenting poet himself at the origin of the immortal memory which the artist will enjoy.’ Such is the case with the celebrated ‘Deploration’ on the death of Ockeghem, which, alongside Nymphes, nappées, forms a pair of superb musical epitaphs by the illustrious Josquin. With this programme combining secular homages and sacred polyphony, Daniel Reuss and the singers of Cappella Amsterdam launch a magisterial trilogy devoted to the Franco-Flemish masters of the Renaissance.

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    JOSQUIN DESPREZ [1440-1521] · Nymphes des bois - Requiem æternam (3'30) · Circumdederunt me (2'19) In principio erat Verbum · I. In principio erat Verbum (2'41) · II. Fuit homo missus a Deo (4'35) · III. Et verbum caro factum est (1'46) · Absolve quæsumus, Domine (3'40) · Absalon, fili mi (3'30) Planxit autem David · I. Planxit autem David (3'54) · II. Montes Gelboe (2'17) · III. Sagitta Jonathae (3'24) · IV. Doleo super te (2'42) · De Profundis - Requiem æternam (4'33) Miserere mei, Deus · I. Miserere mei, Deus (5'33) · II. Auditui meo dabis gaudium (4'13) · III. Domine, labia mea aperies (5'00) · Pater noster - Ave Maria (7'05) NICOLAS GOMBERT [1495-1560] · Musæ Jovis (5'20)

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