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Odes for the Feast Day of Saint Cecilia: Hail! Bright Cecilia!, Welcome to All the Pleasures

Collegium Vocale Gent, Philippe Herreweghe
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    Sumptuous musical feasts!
    Two Odes composed for the Feast Day of Saint Cecilia in 1683 and 1692; two very different was of treating the glorification of an art form in which Purcell was the master. Welcome to all the pleasures calls for a relatively small formation and seems to have been concieved entirely in the Italian style (if not for Italian use). Eight years later, Hail! bright Caecilia turned out to be a fabulous hymn to music, as rich and varied as the act of an opera – a veritable Baroque fireworks which is among Purcell’s greatest achievements.

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    Diapason d'or


    • Susan Hamilton
    • Siri Thornhill
    • Robin Blaze
    • Martin van der Zeijst
    • Tenor
    • Jonathan Arnold
    • Jonathan Brown
    • Peter Harvey
    • Collegium Vocale Gent
      Vocal ensemble
    • Conductor


    Hail! bright Cecilia! Vivat ! Radieuse Cécile, vivat ! Heil Dir, herrliche Cäcilie, heil! · Symphony Maestoso - Canzona. Allegro - Adagio - Allegro - Grave (9'42) · Hail! bright Cecilia! (3'47) · Hark! hark! Each Tree (4'10) · ‘Tis Nature’s Voice (4'20) · Soul of the World! (2'20) · Thou tun’st this World (5'14) · With that sublime Celestial Lay (3'15) · Wondrous Machine! (2'27) · The airy Violin (1'38) · In vain the Am’rous flute (6'09) · The fife and all the Harmony of War (3'18) · Let these among themselves contest (3'10) · Hail! bright Cecilia! (4'31) Welcome to all the pleasures Bienvenue à tous les plaisirs Willkommen, ihr Freuden alle · Symphony (3'42) · Welcome to all the pleasures (1'49) · Here the deities approve (4'36) · While joys celestial (1'48) · Then lift up your voices (2'09) · Beauty thou scene of love (3'15) · In a consort of voices (1'13)

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