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Middle Ages

Old Roman Chant, #2: Mass for St Marcel

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
1 CD

The chant that reigned in Europe for 12 centuries!
When in the middle of the 8th century, on the initiative of Pepin the Short, the heathen Franks took up relations with the Papacy in Rome, they were so impressed by the Roman liturgy – the most exalted expression of the type of civilization they desired to promote – that they transmitted their enthusiasm to the whole of the Western world. It was thus that for twelve centuries the chant of the Church of Rome was to remain the standard liturgical practice. In this respect the Office of the Adoration of the Cross and the Mass of St Marcel represent two models of ‘Old Roman’ chant.

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Messe de St Marcel
· L'Adoration de la Croix (Office du Vendredi Saint)

Tractus : Domine audivi auditum tuum (8'58)
· Tractus : Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi (18'05)
· Impropères : Agios o Theos, sanctus Deus (19'01)
· Messe de saint Marcel
Introitus : Statuit ei Dominus (7'15)
· Graduale : Inveni David servum meum
Verset : Nichil proficiet (7'24)
· Alleluia
Versets : Disposui testamentum. Inveni David (5'15)
· Offertorium : Veritas mea
Versets : Posuit adiutorium. Misericordia mea (6'08)
· Communio : Domine quinque talentus tradidisti michi (6'03)

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