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Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor op.11, 12 Etudes op.10

Nobuyuki Tsujii, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, James Conlon
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    Gold medalist at the Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Nobuyuki Tsujii (Japan) is heard here in a captivating all-Chopin program of his competition performances.
    “Through all three rounds, he played with unfailing assurance, and his unforced, utterly natural Chopin E minor Piano Concerto was an oasis of loveliness amid too much point-making from other contestants.” – THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS
    “Chopin’s Berceuse was a charmer under Tsujii’s refined touch. (...) Here his touch was ideal, graceful and innocent.”– FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM

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    • Nobuyuki Tsujii
    • Nobuyuki Tsujii
    • Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
    • James Conlon


    FREDERIC CHOPIN [1810-1849]
    Piano Concerto no.1 in E minor, op .11
    · I. Allegro maestoso (19'38)
    · II. Romance: Larghetto (9'20)
    · III. Rondo: Vivace (10'17)
    · Berceuse, op.57 (5'08)
    Etudes, op.10
    · I in C major / Ut majeur / C-dur (1'54)
    · II in A minor / la mineur / a-moll (1'22)
    · III in E major / Mi majeur / E-dur (3'43)
    · IV in C-sharp minor / ut dièse mineur / cis-moll (2'00)
    · V in G-flat major / Sol bémol majeur / Ges-dur (1'38)
    · VI in E-flat minor / mi bémol mineur / es-moll (3'24)
    · VII in C major / Ut majeur / C-dur (1'29)
    · VIII in F major / Fa majeur / F-dur (2'21)
    · X in F minor / fa mineur / f-moll (2'00)
    · X in A-flat major / La bémol majeur / As-dur (1'59)
    · XI in E-flat major / Mi bémol majeur / Es-dur (2'07)
    · XII in C minor / ut mineur / c-moll (3'00)

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