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Piano sonatas No.2 'Funeral' & No.3

Javier Perianes
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Beyond the celebrated ‘Funeral March’, Chopin’s Second and Third Sonatas testify to their composer’s astounding ease in musical structures on a much larger scale than waltzes, nocturnes – and mazurkas, such as the three that make up his op.63, cunningly used here to frame Javier Perianes’s latest musical project. Whether in small or large forms, the most famous of all Romantic piano composers was an absolute master of musical dramaturgy.

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· Mazurka in B major Op. 63 No. 1
Si majeur / Si mayor
Vivace (2'19)
Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 35
B-flat minor / Si bémol mineur / Si bemol menor

· I. Grave - Doppio movimento (8'25)
· II. Scherzo - Più lento (7'40)
· III. Marche funèbre. Lento (8'57)
· IV. Finale. Presto (1'36)
· Mazurka in F minor Op. 63 No. 2
Fa mineur / Fa menor
Lento (2'01)
Piano Sonata No. 3 Op. 58
B minor / Si mineur / Si menor

· I. Allegro maestoso (14'54)
· II. Scherzo. Molto vivace (2'47)
· III. Largo (9'25)
· IV. Finale. Presto non tanto (5'39)
· Mazurka in C-sharp minor Op. 63 No. 3
Do dièse mineur / Do sostenido menor
Allegretto (2'25)

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