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Piano Trios Nos. 18, 21, 26 & 31

Trio Wanderer
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The dialectics of the trio
The great popularity of the piano trio enabled Haydn to explore countless formal and harmonic experiments; while the keyboard remains the central element in the musical structure, the strings give the discourse a subtle colouration, and the violin is often assigned independent musical ideas. This elegant three-way dialogue, conducted here by the Trio Wanderer, is as impressive for its originality as for its supreme stylistic virtuosity. Haydn was a past master at this little game, and still remains so centuries later!

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Choc de Classica


JOSEPH HAYDN [1732-1809]
Trio Hob. XV:21
A flat Major / La bémol majeur / As-Dur

· I. Allegro moderato (7'47)
· II. Adagio (5'34)
· III. Rondo. Vivace (5'32)
Trio Hob. XV:18
A Major / La majeur / A-Dur

· I. Allegro moderato (6'47)
· II. Andante (3'35)
· III. Allegro (3'31)
Trio Hob. XV:21
C Major / Ut majeur / C-Dur

· I. Adagio pastorale. Vivace assai (4'25)
· II. Molto andante (4'19)
· III. Finale. Presto (3'46)
Trio Hob. XV:26
F sharp Major / Fa dièse majeur / Fis-Dur

· I. Allegro (4'44)
· II. Adagio cantabile (2'56)
· III. Finale. Tempo di menuetto (4'40)
Trio Hob. XV:31
E flat minor / Mi bémol mineur / Es-Moll

· I. Andante cantabile (7'32)
· II. Allegro [Jacob's Dream] (3'26)

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