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Piano Trios op.70 No.2, op.97 'Archduke'

Alexander Melnikov, Isabelle Faust, Jean-Guihen Queyras
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    Trios for a countess and an archduke.
    It was Beethoven who gave the piano trio the form it was to retain throughout the 19th century, by allowing the string instruments the status of genuinely equal partners. Here three eminent Beethovenians present the composer’s last two works in the genre, op.70 no.2 (1808) dedicated to Countess Marie Erdödy, and the celebrated ‘Archduke’ (1811) that marked the final public appearance of its composer.

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    LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN [1770-1827]
    Trio for piano, violin and cello no.6
    in E flat major / Mi bémol majeur / Es-Dur, op.70 no.2

    · I. Poco sostenuto - Allegro ma non troppo (10'18)
    · II. Allegretto (5'16)
    · III. Allegretto ma non troppo (6'32)
    · IV. Finale - Allegro (7'57)
    Trio for piano, violin and cello no.7 ('Archduke')
    in B flat major / Si bémol majeur / B-Dur, op.97

    · I. Allegro moderato (12'57)
    · II. Scherzo - Allegro (6'16)
    · III. Andante cantabile, ma però con moto (11'18)
    · IV. Allegro moderato - Presto (6'55)

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