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Pictures at an Exhibition / The Rite of Spring

Andreï Vieru, Dan Grigore
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    Two really extraordinary scores…
    Drawing their strength from a certain vision of Old Russia, Mussorgsky's and Stravinsky's two most famous ‘orchestral’ works were both originally written for the piano. Andrei Vieru demonstrates the emotional heights to which the original version of Pictures from an Exhibition can attain – to the borderline of the fantastic. As for the transcription for two pianos of the proemial Sacre du printemps, it was made by Stravinsky himself, and destined for two outstanding pianists. Astounding!

    This title was released for the first time in 1997.

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    • Andrei Vieru
    • Dan Grigore



    MODEST MUSSORGSKY [1839-1881]
    · Promenade (1'09)
    · I. Gnomus / The gnome / Der Gnom (2'58)
    · Promenade (0'44)
    · II. Il vecchio castello / The old castle / Das alte Schloß (4'46)
    · Promenade (0'22)
    · III. Tuileries. Dispute d'enfants après jeux / The Tuileries gardens. Disputes of playmates / Die Tuilerien (1'00)
    · IV. Bydlo (2'41)
    · Promenade (0'46)
    · V. Ballet de poussins dans leur coque / A ballet of chickens just hatched / Ballett der Küchlein in ihren Eierschalen (1'14)
    · VI. Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle (2'08)
    · Promenade (1'05)
    · VII. Limoges. Le marché / The market place in Limoges / Der Marktplatz von Limoges (1'24)
    · VIII. Catacombes / The catacombs / Die Katakomben (2'06)
    · Promenade (2'04)
    · IX. La cabane sur des pattes de poule / Hut of Baba Yaga, the witch / Die Hütte der Baba Yaga (2'57)
    · X. La Grande Porte de Kiev / The Great Gate of Kiev / Das große Tor von Kiev (5'57)
    IGOR STRAVINSKY [1882-1971]
    · L'Adoration de la terre / Adoration of the Earth / Die Anbetung der Erde
    Introduction (3'52)
    · Les Augures printaniers. Danses des adolescentes / The Augurs of Spring. Dances of the young girls / Vorboten des Frühlings. Tanz der jungen Mädchen (3'19)
    · Jeu du rapt / Ritual of abduction / Spiel der Entführung (1'14)
    · Rondes printanières / Spring rounds / Frühlingsreigen (3'58)
    · Jeux des cités rivales / Ritual of the rival tribes / Spiele der feindlichen Stämme (2'22)
    · Le Sage - Danse de la Terre / The Sage - Dance of the Earth / Der Weise - Tanz der Erde (1'37)
    · II. Le sacrifice / The sacrifice / Das Opfer
    Introduction (7'19)
    · Cercles mystérieux des adolescentes / Mystic circles of the young girls / Geheimnisvolle Kreise der jungen Mädchen (3'48)
    · Glorification de l'élue / Glorification of the chosen one / Verherrlichung der Auserwählen (1'31)
    · Evocation des ancêtres / Evocation of the ancestors / Beschwörung der Auserwählten
    Action rituelle des ancêtres / Ritual action of the ancestors / Weihevolle Handlung der Ahnen (4'52)
    · Danse sacrale (L'élue) / Sacrificial Dance (The chosen one) / Opfertanz (Die Auserwählte) (4'16)

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