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Psalm 103. Motets & Madrigals

Huelgas-Ensemble, Paul Van Nevel
1 CD


Alfonso Ferrabosco ‘Il Padre’ has suffered a curious fate: he has long been neglected on record, yet in his own time he was the most eminent representative of a famous Bolognese musical dynasty. After emigrating to England at an early age, he spent most of his life in the service of Elizabeth I, earning the admiration of his peers. Though implicated in some distinctly murky affairs – could he have been a secret agent for the queen? – Ferrabosco was above all a musical genius, capable of equally felicitous expression in the motet, the madrigal or the polyphonic chanson.

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  • Huelgas-Ensemble
  • Paul Van Nevel


  • Alfonso Ferrabosco


· Dolci ire (madrigal à 5) C140 (6'55)
· Auprès de vous (chanson à 5) C81 (2'49)
· In nomine I (instr.) (2'38)
· Peccantem me quotidie (motet à 5) C52 (3'32)
Psalmus CIII - Benedic anima mea C8-18
· Prima pars. Benedic anima mea (5 voix) (4'56)
· Secunda pars. Extendes caelum (4 voix) (1'46)
· Tertia pars. Qui fundasti terram (5 voix) (2'28)
· Quarta pars. Qui emittis fontes (5 voix) (2'50)
· Quinta pars. Rigans montes (4 voix) (2'42)
· Sexta pars. Saturabuntur ligna campi (5 voix) (3'27)
· Septima pars. Posuisti tenebras (5 voix) (3'36)
· Octava pars. Quam magnificata sunt (3 voix) (2'48)
· Nona pars. Draco iste (5 voix) (3'03)
· Decima pars. Emittes spiritum tuum (5 voix) (2'32)
· Undecima pars. Cantabo Domino (6 voix) (2'20)
· Bruna sei tu, ma bella (madrigal à 5) C122 (2'45)
· Domine, non secundum peccata nostra (motet à 6) C32 (4'35)
· Quel sempre acerbo (madrigal à 6) C177 (4'14)

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