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Sacrae Cantiones, Liber Secundus

VocalConsort Berlin, James Wood

Excerpt:Praise and Thanks. O sacrum convivium

As we commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of the death of Gesualdo in 2013, one of his last works still remains to be discovered: the second book of Sacrae Cantiones, motets in six and seven voices, of which the bassus and sextus parts have alas disappeared. Thanks to his unrelenting and methodical research, James Wood has managed to reconstruct the score for the first time as it might have been sung in 1603. This fascinating investigation took three years to complete; here is the resulting sound, like a precious gem recovered from nowhere!

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  • Vocalconsort Berlin
    Choral ensemble
  • James Wood


CARLO GESUALDO [1561-1613] · Miserere (Responsoria 1611) (7'56) Sacrae Cantiones - Liber secundus (a6 e a7) (1603) · I. Virgo benedicta (2'47) · V. O oriens (2'36) · XVI. O beata Mater (2'58) · XIII. Verba mea (2'26) · VIII. Veni Creator Spiritus (2'12) · IV. Ave sanctissima Maria (3'33) · III. Sana me Domine (2'39) · VI. Discedite a me omnes (2'27) · XIX. O anima sanctissima (3'04) · XIV. Ardens est cor meum (3'02) · II. Da pacem Domine (3'19) · XV. Ne derelinquas me (2'29) · XVIII. Franciscus humilis et pauper (2'46) · VII. Gaudeamus omnes (2'12) · X. Adoramus te Christe (2'04) · IX. O sacrum convivium (3'53) · XVII. Ad te levavi (2'44) · XII. Assumpta est Maria (3'13) · XI. Veni sponsa Christi (2'33) · XX. Illumina nos (3'17) · Benedictus (Responsoria 1611) (4'59)

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