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Scottish Airs

Werner Güra, Christoph Berner, Julia Schröder, Roel Dieltiens
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    Haydn in Scotland

    The arrangements of Scottish ‘national melodies’ (nearly 400 in all) are among the little-known gems of Haydn’s last years. Already a past master of the piano trio medium (as is proved by the inspired Trio Hob. XV:27 also included here), he turned his accompaniments to these songs into miniature masterpieces of vigour and wit. Our selection covers a wide expressive range, from tender love songs to the pawkiest of folk humour . . .

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    • Tenor
    • Christoph Berner
    • Julia Schröder
    • Roel Dieltiens


    JOSEPH HAYDN [1732-1809]
    · The Lea-Rig Hob. XXXIa:31bis (2'05)
    · Morag Hob. XXXIa:143bis (4'12)
    · Sleep'st thou, or wak'st thou (Deil tak' the wars) Hob. XXXIa:157 (2'39)
    · O wise and valiant Willy (Rattling roaring Willy) Hob. XXXIa:227 (1'25)
    · Trio in C major Hob. XV:27 - Allegro (8'14)
    · Twas at the hour of dark midnight (Barbara Allan) Hob. XXXIa:31bis (5'31)
    · Jenny's Bawbee Hob. XXXIa:252 (3'47)
    · Mary's Dream Hob. XXXIa:1bis (5'04)
    · Trio in C major Hob. XV:27 - Andante (5'19)
    · The night her silent sable wore (She rose, and let me in) Hob. XXXIa:219bis (3'24)
    · William and Margaret Hob. XXXIa:153 (7'19)
    · Bessy Bell and Mary Gray Hob. XXXIa:38 (2'40)
    · Trio in C major Hob. XV:27 - Presto (5'06)
    · There was a lass (Willie was a wanton wag) Hob. XXXIa:4bis (2'56)
    · Highland Air: The Lone Vale Hob. XXXIa:175 (3'41)
    · My Love she's but a lassie yet Hob. XXXIa:194 (2'18)

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