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Sonatas for piano and… French horn / cello / trombone / trumpet / violin

Alexander Melnikov, Isabelle Faust, Teunis van der Zwart, Jeroen Berwaerts, Alexander Rudin, Gerard Costes

Excerpt:Sonata for Violoncello and Piano III. Passacaglia

Hindemith composed more than 30 sonatas for the most diverse instruments – all of which he was capable of playing himself! This fascinating selection of works written between 1935 (when he became persona non grata in Nazi Germany) and 1948 (the brilliant Cello Sonata for Piatigorsky) is played by some of today’s finest soloists, with the guiding spirit of Alexander Melnikov at the piano. How often does one hear a sonata for Althorn? Especially one published along with a poem by the composer?

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  • Paul Hindemith


Sonata for Althorn and Piano (1943)
· I. Ruhig bewegt (2'05)
· II. Lebhaft (3'30)
· III. Sehr langsam (2'04)
· IV. Das Posthorn (Zwiegespräch) - Lebhaft (4'00)
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1948)
· I. Pastorale (6'34)
· II. Moderately fast - Slow - Tempo I (6'16)
· III. Passacaglia (8'42)
Sonata for Trombone and Piano (1941)
· I. Allegro moderato maestoso (2'54)
· II. Allegretto grazioso (3'11)
· III. Lied des Raufbolds (Swashbuckler's Song). Allegro pesante (2'10)
· IV. Allegro moderato maestoso (2'52)
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1935)
· I. Ruhig bewegt (3'57)
· II. Langsam - Sehr lebhaft - Langsam - Wieder lebhaft (6'34)
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1939)
· I. Mit Kraft (5'22)
· II. Mäßig bewegt - Lebhaft - Wie zuerst (2'19)
· III. Trauermusik. Sehr langsam - Ruhig bewegt - Wie am Anfang -
Alle Menschen müssen sterben. Sehr ruhig (8'31)

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