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Sonatas for violin, bass viol and organ

London Baroque
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    William Lawes and Charles I.
    In spite of his shortcomings as an enlightened monarch, Charles I of England was a fervent
    champion of the latest trends in English music between 1620 and 1640,and is said, morever to have been an able violist in the "incomparableFantasies" of Coprario and his successor, William Lawes. These"fantasy-suites" belong to a specifically English hybrid form that owedas much to Protestant Germany as it did to Italy. The extraordinaryvigour with which he handled it shows Lawes to have been the greatmaster of the form.
    This title was released for the first time in 1994

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    • London Baroque


    • William Lawes


    WILLIAM LAWES [1602-1645] Sett no.1 in G minor · Fantazia (4'35) · (Almaine) (1'28) · (Galliard) (1'27) Sett no.2 in G major · Fantazia (4'07) · (Almaine) (2'27) · (Galliard) (1'44) Sett no.3 in A minor · Fantazia (4'10) · (Almaine) (1'35) · (Galliard) (1'41) Sett no.4 in C major · Fantazia (3'33) · (Almaine) (2'14) · (Galliard) (2'01) Sett no.5 in D minor · Fantazia (3'44) · (Almaine) (1'47) · Galliard (2'12) Sett no.6 in D major · Fantazia (4'27) · (Almaine) (1'44) · (Galliard) (1'45) Sett no.7 in D minor · Fantazia (3'58) · (Almaine) (2'35) · (Galliard) (1'48) Sett no.8 in D major · Fantazia (5'31) · "La Goutte" (Almaine) (3'26) · (Galliard) (2'00)

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