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Songs and instrumental pieces of the Spanish Golden Age

Ensemble Clément Janequin, Dominique Visse
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    Mixed salads and songs.
    This recording presents us with the finest chansons and instrumental pieces of the Spanish Renaissance - the Golden Age which, between the accession of Charles V (1516) to the end of the reign of Philip II (1598), saw the blossoming of an incredibly rich polyphonic output. Of the Ensalada Cervantes tells us that it was 'a kind of song in different metres': it was thus called because it was like a culinary mixture: these truculents 'salads' are an Iberian form of the quodlibet and the Parisian fricassées . . .
    This title was released for the first time in 1998.

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    • Enrique de Valderrábano
    • Mateo Flecha
    • Juan Vásquez
    • Juan Brudieu
    • Alonso Mudarra


    · Contrapunto sobre el tenor del conde claros (3'07)
    MATEO FLECHA [1481-1553]
    · La Bomba (11'02)
    JUAN VÁSQUEZ [1510-1560]
    · Ojos morenos (1'59)
    · Que yo, mi madre, yo (2'25)
    · Mi mal de causa es (3'07)
    · En los mon pus sou dotada del set goigs (9'28)
    ALONSO MUDARRA [1510-1580]
    · Fantasia del quarto tono (1'19)
    JUAN VÁSQUEZ [1510-1560]
    · Gentil senora mia (3'00)
    · Cavallero, queraysme dexar (2'09)
    ALONSO MUDARRA [1510-1580]
    · Fantasia del quinto tono (1'02)
    JUAN VÁSQUEZ [1510-1560]
    · Agora que sé de amor (2'16)
    · El que sin ti bivir, ya no querrìa (1'30)
    ALONSO MUDARRA [1510-1580]
    · Fantasia del primer tono (1'29)
    JUAN VÁSQUEZ [1510-1560]
    · Lágrimas de mi consuelo (5'06)
    MATEO FLECHA [1481-1553]
    · La Guerra (8'36)

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