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String Quartets

Melos Quartett
1 CD


(Sibelius) “The Melos’s ravishingly transparent texturing really comes into their own. Where some ensembles lay on the nostalgia with a trowel and others adopt an impenetrable furrowed brow, the Melos steers its way through this interpretative minefield with a magician’s sleight of hand.” / (Verdi) “The Melos’s dedicated and meticulously paced account does much to restore faith in this elusive work, emphasising the essentially Germanic term of reference rather than attempting to infuse it with Mediterranean sunshine. All in all, one of this quartet’s finest recordings.” – The Strad

“The Melos Quartet are well up to the challenge; there are some moments of magnificent (almost orchestral) tonal splendour and complete intonational unanimity.” – International Record Review

This title was released for the first time in 2000.

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  • Melos Quartett


  • Jean Sibelius
  • Giuseppe Verdi


JEAN SIBELIUS [1865-1957]
Quatuor à cordes “Voces intimae” op.56
en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll

· Andante. Allegro molto moderato (6'47)
· Vivace (2'47)
· Adagio di molto (9'47)
· Allegretto (ma pesante) (5'55)
· Allegro (5'22)
GIUSEPPE VERDI [1813-1901]
Quatuor à cordes
en mi mineur / E minor / e-moll

· Allegro (7'38)
· Andantino (6'44)
· Prestissimo (3'00)
· Scherzo. Fuga (4'22)

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