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String Quartets No.6, 8 & 11

Jerusalem Quartet
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    Soul-searching and black humour.
    ‘Exhilarating commitment and freshness’ (Télérama). ‘One admires the skilful voice-leading, the splendidly vertical bowing and the vivacity of this ensemble which will certainly continue to dazzle us for a long time to come’ (Diapason). After a first volume devoted to Quartets nos.1, 4 and 9, the musicians of the Jerusalem Quartet return to one of their great favourites, Shostakovich. Here, even in the luminous G major of no.6, they tackle works of still greater gravity. The humour grows inexorably blacker . . .

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    Quatuor n°6 op.101
    en Sol majeur / G major / G-dur

    · I. Allegretto (6'49)
    · II. Moderato con moto (5'21)
    · III. Lento (4'28)
    · IV. Finale. Lento - Allegretto (7'13)
    Quatuor n°8 op.110
    en ut mineur / C minor / c-moll

    · I. Largo (5'14)
    · II. Allegro (2'41)
    · III. Allegretto (4'48)
    · IV. Largo (5'25)
    · V. Largo (3'56)
    Quatuor n°11 op.122
    en fa mineur / F minor / f-moll

    · I. Introduction. Andantino (2'28)
    · II. Scherzo. Allegretto (2'42)
    · III. Récitatif. Adagio (1'18)
    · IV. Etude. Allegro (1'14)
    · V. Humoresque. Allegro (1'03)
    · VI. Elégie. Adagio (4'17)
    · VII. Finale. Moderato (3'36)

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