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String Quartets nos 1 & 2

Melos Quartett
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    “Search within yourselves and be true”
    … or music as a witness to a rule of life: Janácek’s only precept is perfectly illustrated in these two autobiographical masterpieces. The subject of the First Quartet (1923) is the conjugal drama described by Tolstoy in his Kreutzer Sonata, even if Janácek is not absolutely faithful to his model… As for the Second Quartet (Intimate Pages) of 1928, it is an extremely elaborate chronicle of a late love of the “old white-maned lion”…

    This title was released for the first time in 1992.

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    • Melos Quartett


    LEOŠ JANÁCEK [1854-1928] Quatuor à cordes n°1 "Sonate à Kreutzer" (1923) String Quartet no.1 "Kreutzer Sonata" Streichquartett Nr.1 "Kreutzer-Sonate" · Adagio. Con moto (4'03) · Con moto (4'33) · Con moto. Vivo. Andante (3'58) · Con moto (adagio). Più mosso (5'34) Quatuor à cordes n°2 "Lettres intimes" (1928) String Quartet no.2 "Intimate Pages" Streichquartett Nr.2 "Intime Briefe" · Andante. Con moto. Allegro (6'22) · Adagio. Vivace (6'10) · Moderato. Adagio. Allegro (5'36) · Allegro. Andante. Adagio (7'38)

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