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String Quartets opp.64/5, 76/2 & 77/1

Jerusalem Quartet

Excerpt:Quatuor op.64 n°5. Allegro moderato

Here are three of the greatest quartets of Haydn’s maturity, all dating from the decade of the 1790s when he was the world’s most famous composer. The ‘Lark’ shows him at his most lyrical, the ‘Fifths’ at his most intellectually formidable, while his penultimate completed quartet, op.77/1, with its deeply moving Adagio, is a fitting culmination to his peerless output in the genre.

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JOSEPH HAYDN [1732-1809]
Quatuor op.64 n°5 ''L'Alouette''en Ré majeur
"Lerchen-Quartett" D-dur / D major

· Allegro moderato (8'46)
· Adagio cantabile (5'44)
· Menuetto. Allegretto. Trio (3'10)
· Finale. Vivace (2'07)
Quatuor op. 76 n° 2 ''Les Quintes'' en ré mineur
"Quinten-Quartett" d-moll / D minor

· Allegro (8'40)
· Andante e più tosto allegretto (5'58)
· Menuetto. Allegro ma non troppo. Trio (3'50)
· Vivace assai (3'56)
Quatuor op. 77 n° 1 ''Lobkowitz'' en Sol majeur
"Komplimenten-Quartett" G-dur / G major

· Allegro moderato (7'35)
· Adagio (7'08)
· Menuetto. Presto. Trio (3'54)
· Finale. Presto (5'06)

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