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String Quintets with two cellos

Ensemble Explorations, Roel Dieltiens
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    Far from Vienna . . .
    In their general layout and their style, the three quintets recorded here illustrate Boccherini’s formal variety and freedom: whether first violin and first cello are deliberately highlighted, or the roles are distributed in more balanced fashion, this composer had an unrivalled ability to use the group of instruments to create a limpid, shimmering soundscape, traversed by fleeting zones of shadow and sudden bursts of light.

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    • Ensemble Explorations
    • Roel Dieltiens


    LUIGI BOCCHERINI [1743-1805]
    Quintette op.29 n°6 G.318
    en sol mineur / G minor / g-moll

    · Allegro moderato assai (7'42)
    · Minuetto (3'35)
    · Preludio (2'45)
    · Rondo (6'14)
    Quintette op.18 n°5 G.287
    en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll

    · Allegro moderato (8'19)
    · Lento (4'53)
    · Allegro con moto (5'46)
    Quintette op.41 n°2 G.347
    en Fa majeur / F major / F-dur

    · Allegro moderato (8'11)
    · Andante (5'22)
    · Allegretto (4'05)
    · Finale (3'16)

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