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String Quintets with two violas

Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini
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    A perfect balance.
    The quintets with two violas represent a peak in the mature career of Boccherini at a time when he had lost the support of all his patrons and was living under particularly difficult conditions (1801). But, if there is a certain melancholy in these pieces, they never lose their fresh and limpid Spanish character. ‘Don Luis Boquerini’ relished like any other denizen of Madrid the simultaneously joyful and dramatic atmosphere of these years of crisis. Final and perfect creations, infinitely skilful and refined in technique, the Quintets Opp.60 and 62 are pure gems of the classical style.

    This title was released for the first time in 1993.

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    • Ensemble 415
    • Chiara Banchini


    LUIGI BOCCHERINI [1743-1805]
    Quintette op.60/1 G.391 en Ut majeur / C major / C-dur
    · Allegro vivace (8'24)
    · Largo cantabile - Allegro giusto (6'53)
    · Allegro con moto (5'56)
    Quintette op.62/1 G.97 en Ut majeur / C major / C-dur
    · Allegro maestoso (8'59)
    · Minuetto. Allegro risoluto (3'55)
    · Larghetto con moto (6'14)
    · Allegro vivo (4'59)
    Quintette op.60/5 G.395 en Sol majeur / G major / G-dur
    · Allegro con moto (8'33)
    · Minuetto. Allegro risoluto (3'29)
    · Andantino con grazia (5'03)
    · Allegro giusto (4'52)

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