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String Sextets Op.23

Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini
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    “Ensemble 415 reveal clear-sighted authority, dedication and faultless expertise.” – CD Review

    “This disc is full of beautiful, fine-drawn, sensitive playing, very much alert to the mercurial moods of Boccherini’s music, and with Chiara Banchini as delicate as can be imagined with his filigree lines – but also full-blooded when the music so demands. Period instruments and restrained use of vibrato give a welcome airiness to the textures. I can’t imagine performances that catch more truly the special nature of Boccherini’s muse.” – Gramophone

    This title was released for the first time in 1993.

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    • Ensemble 415
    • Chiara Banchini


    LUIGI BOCCHERINI [1743-1805]
    Sextuor n°1 en Mi bémol majeur
    E flat major / Es-dur

    · Allegro molto (7'51)
    · Larghetto (5'09)
    · Minuetto (6'22)
    Sextuor n°2 en Si bémol majeur
    B flat major / B-dur

    · Allegro moderato (8'36)
    · Andantino (2'54)
    · Minuetto (3'55)
    · Allegro vivo (2'53)
    Sextuor n°5 en Ré majeur
    D major / D-dur

    · Grave (5'40)
    · Allegro brioso assai (6'29)
    · Minuetto (5'02)
    · Finale. Allegro vivo assai (2'42)

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