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Suites for viola da gamba and basso continuo

Juan Manuel Quintana, D. Costoyas, A. Cremonesi
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    “One knows the fertility and beauty of this musician’s genius by the quantity of works he composed. One finds amongst all his works good taste and a surprising variety: his great knowledge shows in many of his works, and especially in [a piece] about which Masters of the Art make a great to-do: ... Le labyrinthe, where after having passed through several keys, touched diverse dissonances, and having marked with serious notes, and then followed by quick and animated notes the uncertainty of a man lost in a labyrinth, he finally ends happily and finishes with a gracious and natural chaconne.” (Titon du Tillet)
    This title was released for the first time in 2000.

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    • Juan Manuel Quintana
    • Dolores Costoyas
    • Attilio Cremonesi


    MARIN MARAIS [1656-1728] Suite en Ré majeur D major / D-dur (Troisième Livre de pièces de viole, Paris, 1711) · Prélude (1'28) · Fantaisie (0'43) · Allemande (2'30) · Courante (1'24) · Sarabande (2'26) · Gigue (0'53) · Gavotte (0'55) · Rondeau (2'58) · Plainte (4'41) · Chaconne (2'21) Suite en la mineur A minor / a-moll (Cinquième Livre, Paris, 1725) · Prélude Le Soligni (1'48) · Allemande La Facile (1'43) · Sarabande (2'53) · La Mariée (1'10) · Gavotte (1'11) · Menuet simple et double. Deux Menuets (1'52) · Gigue (1'05) · Rondeau moitié pincé et moitié coup d'archet (3'50) · Suite 'Le Labyrinthe' (10'14) Suite en mi mineur E minor / e-moll (Deuxième Livre de pièces de viole, Paris, 1701) · Prélude (2'08) · Allemande (2'13) · Courante (1'24) · Sarabande (2'36) · Gigue (2'15) · Rondeau Champêtre (2'21) · Menuet (0'45) · Tombeau pour Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe (5'44)

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