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Symphonies. "La casa del Diavolo", etc.

Ensemble 415. Chiara Banchini
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    A tragic feast becomes a house for the devil...
    Boccherini's Symphony in D minor known as the Casa del Diavolo (1771) was conceived with direct reference to Gluck's Don Juan. A far cry from the niceties of the Symphony in D major composed in 1765 (G.490), this work reveals another less affable and more unusual facet of the composer, who although retired in the depths of Spain was nevertheless affected by the Sturm und Drang movement unsettling the whole of Europe at the time...
    This title was released for the first time in 1988.

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    • Ensemble 415
    • Chiara Banchini


    LUIGI BOCCHERINI [1743-1805]
    Symphony in D minor "La casa del Diavolo", op.12 no.4, G.506
    · Andante sostenuto. Allegro assai (11'04)
    · Andantino con moto (6'52)
    · Andante sostenuto. Allegro assai con moto (6'42)
    Symphony in A major op.35 no.3, G.511
    · Allegro giusto (6'02)
    · Andante (6'00)
    · Allegro ma non presto (4'31)
    Symphony in D major, G.490
    · Allegro (3'24)
    · Andante grazioso (1'41)
    · Allegro assai (1'26)
    Symphony in F major op.35 no.4, G.512
    · Allegro assai (7'29)
    · Andantino (6'22)
    · Allegro vivace. Tempo di Minuetto. Allegro vivace (3'15)

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