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Symphonies Opp.35, 41 & 42

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
1 CD

Excerpt:Symphonie n°26 en ut mineur. Allegro vivo assai

Some Symphonies for the Prussian Court
What better proof than these Symphonies commissioned by the Crown Prince of Prussia to show how the Italian ‘Boquerini’ never lost contact with Europe, even when retired to the depths of the Spanish countryside. With their colourful instrumentation and some truly inspirational touches in the melody, these are some of the finest works in classical style.

This title was released for the first time in 1997.

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Symphonie n°26 op.41, G 519
en ut mineur / C minor / c-moll

· Allegro vivo assai (6'15)
· Pastorale. Lentarello (5'35)
· Minuetto. Allegro (2'48)
· Finale. Allegro (3'26)
Symphonie n°19 op.35 n°5, G 513
en Mi bémol majeur / E flat major / Es-dur

· Allegro con moto (6'02)
· Andante (3'46)
· Tempo di minuetto (3'38)
Symphonie n°8 op.15 n°6, G 508
en La majeur / A major / A-dur

· Allegro assai (7'29)
· Larghetto (4'53)
· Minuetto con molto (5'03)
· Grave (4'20)
Symphonie n°27 op.42, G 520
en Ré majeur / D major / D-dur

· Allegro (7'56)
· Andante (7'46)
· Minuetto (4'12)
· Finale. Presto (4'48)

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