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The Firebird. Jeu de cartes (Card Game)

Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons
1 CD

Excerpt:Variations de l'Oiseau de feu

Stravinsky and his inheritance
“The Firebird and Jeu de cartes provide, within the same genre – the ballet – two diametrically opposed examples of Stravinsky’s attitude to the concept of ‘inheritance’, and more precisely to the history of music itself. Though very different both in their style and in the circumstances of their gestation, these two works may nonetheless be approached through a quality they have in common: the miraculous balance they achieve between the functional element (which is subordinate to the choreography) and the organic element (which enables the music to have a life of its own).” NICOLAS DONIN
This title was released for the first time in 2001.

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L'Oiseau de feu
Ballet (1910, suite de 1945)

· Introduction (3'28)
· L'oiseau de feu et sa danse (0'17)
· Variations de l'Oiseau de feu (1'18)
· Pantomime I (0'20)
· Pas de deux. L'Oiseau de feu et Ivan (5'44)
· Pantomime II (0'24)
· Scherzo. Danse des princesses Dance of the Princesses (2'32)
· Pantomime III (1'36)
· Ronde des princesses. Khorovode Rondo. Chorovod (5'18)
· Danse infernale du roi Kastchei Infernal Dance (4'36)
· Berceuse Lullaby. Firebird (4'11)
· Finale Final Hymn (3'26)
Jeu de cartes
Ballet en trois donnes (1936)
Ballet in three deals
Ballett in drei Teilen

· Première donne First Deal (5'32)
· Deuxième donne Second deal (10'16)
· Troisième donne Third deal (8'42)

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