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The Four Seasons

Concerto Amsterdam, Jaap Schröder
1 CD


Four concertante poems
There is no longer any need to introduce The Four Seasons, the four solo concertos whose famous ritornelli have established the image of a “red priest” as virtuosic in his technique as in his composition. They are based on I quattro stagione, four sonnets written by Vivaldi himself, and are meticulous musical depictions of every detail of each line of the poems. In them we find the convergence of the North wind and the Sirocco, the barking of dogs and the call of the cuckoo… The result is a work of genius that prefigures the symphonic poems of the Romantic period – at the very heart of the Baroque!
This title was released for the first time in 1974.

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  • Concerto Amsterdam


La Primavera
Concerto n°1 op.8/1
en Mi majeur / E major / E-dur

· Allegro (3'25)
· Largo e pianissimo sempre (2'26)
· Danza pastorale. Allegro (4'09)
Concerto op.8/2
en sol mineur / G minor / g-moll

· Allegro non molto (4'14)
· Adagio (2'28)
· Presto. Tempo impetuoso d'Estate (3'05)
Concerto op.8/3
en Fa majeur / F major / F-dur

· Allegro (5'15)
· Adagio molto (2'55)
· La Caccia. Allegro (3'21)
Concerto op.8/4
en fa mineur / F minor / f-moll

· Allegro non molto (3'19)
· Largo (2'12)
· Allegro (3'12)

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