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"The Origin of Fire". 12th cent. hymns and sequences

Anonymous 4
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    Returning to the music of Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th-century German abbess and mystic, Anonymous 4 explores the theme of the Pentecostal power of the "Fiery Spirit". Hildegard's intensely emotional chants and visions (including the monumental hymn O ignee spiritus and some of her finest antiphons) are presented here framed by hymns and sequences that she and her convent sisters would have heard and sung every day.

    'This is the finest Hildegard recording ever made.' - Fanfare

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    • Hildegard von Bingen


    HILDEGARD VON BINGEN [1098-1179]
    · Hymn Veni creator spiritus (4'26)
    · Sequence Veni spiritus eternorum (2'37)
    · Antiphon O quam mirabilis est (3'26)
    Vision 1 The fire of creation
    · Et ego homo (1'46)
    · Et audivi (3'07)
    · Sequence O ignis spiritus paracliti (7'50)
    Vision 2 Wisdom and her sisters
    · Vidi etiam (2'22)
    · Prima autem (3'07)
    · Responsory O felix anima (6'33)
    Vision 3 The fiery spirit
    · Iterumque vocem (2'00)
    · Et imago (4'54)
    · Hymn O ignee spiritus (10'02)
    Vision 4 Love
    · In vera (2'06)
    · Et audivi vocem (3'18)
    · Antiphon Caritas habundat in omnia (2'16)
    · Antiphon O eterne deus (2'31)
    · Hymn Beata nobis gaudia (2'47)

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