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"The Sacred Spirit of Russia". Choirs with basso profundo

Conspirare, Craig Hella Johnson
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    Led by Craig Hella Johnson and featuring the distinctive American basso profundo Glenn Miller, Conspirare offers a fervently sung and eclectic collection of choral music such as might be heard in the splendour of Christmas Liturgy from a Russian Cathedral.
    “Total command of both the language and the style of the music.” – La Scena Musicale (concert review)

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    • Conspirare
      Choral ensemble
    • Craig Hella Johnson



    ALEXANDER DMITRIEVITCH KASTALSKY [1856-1926] · The Great Doxology No.2, Op. 57 (7'38) MIKHAIL IPPOLITOV-IVANOV [1859-1935] · Bless the Lord, O My Soul, Op. 37, No.2 (2'40) ALEXANDER GRETCHANINOV [1864-1956] · Glory - Only Begotten Son, Op. 29, No.2 (2'35) VLADIMIR MARTYNOV · The Beatitudes (5'16) PAVEL TCHESNOKOV · Come, Let Us Worship, Op. 8, No.2 (1'47) GEORGI SVIRIDOV · Christmas Troparion (Inexpressible Wonder, No.4) (1'23) ALEXANDER DMITRIEVITCH KASTALSKY [1856-1926] · Today the Virgin (Znamenny Chant), Op. 7b (1'54) · As Many Have Been Baptized (Znamenny Chant), Op. 18c (2'14) PAVEL TCHESNOKOV · Cherubic Hymn, Op. 7, No.1 (4'35) ALEXANDER GRETCHANINOV [1864-1956] · The Creed, Op. 29, No.8 (4'30) ALEXANDER DMITRIEVITCH KASTALSKY [1856-1926] · A Mercy of Peace (Znamenny Chant), Op. 6 (7'44) ANONYMOUS · Hymn to the Mother of God for the Nativity (Znamenny Chant) (2'28) ALEXANDER GRETCHANINOV [1864-1956] · Our Father, Op. 29, No.11 (4'43) PAVEL TCHESNOKOV · Praise the Lord from the Heavens, Op. 42, No.9 (2'07) GEORGI SVIRIDOV · A Wondrous Birth (A Wondrous Birth, No.7) (3'57) ANDREI ILYASHENKO · We Should Choose to Love Silence (Concerto for the Nativity of Christ) (3'03) ALEXANDER GRETCHANINOV [1864-1956] · Now the Powers of Heaven, Op. 58, No.6 (5'08) PAVEL TCHESNOKOV · Do Not Cast Me Off in My Old Age, Op. 40, No.5 (4'48) SERGEI RACHMANINOV [1873-1943] · Let Our Mouths Be Filled, Op. 31, No.18 (4'31) · Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, Op. 31, No.19 (0'46) ALEXANDER GRETCHANINOV [1864-1956] · Preserve, O Lord, for Many Years, Op. 79 (1'05) NIKOLAI KEDROV SR [1871-1940] · Our Father (2'57) PIOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY [1840-1893] · Come, Let Us Worship, Op. 41, No.3 (2'37)

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