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The Seven Last Words of Christ Hob.XX:2 (string quartet version)

Cuarteto Casals
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    An instrumental ‘oratorio’
    Haydn wrote his Seven Last Words in 1786/87 for Good Friday devotions in Cádiz. The task of composing a purely instrumental  ‘oratorio’ consisting of seven contemplative slow movements was by no means an easy one; but the outcome was a work of sublime nobility, which in Haydn’s own transcription for string quartet has enjoyed unfailing popularity ever since.

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    JOSEPH HAYDN [1732-1809]
    · Introduzione. Maestoso ed adagio (5'18)
    · Sonata I. Vater, vergib ihnen. Largo (5'48)
    · Sonata II. Fürwahr, ich sag' es dir. Grave e cantabile (8'21)
    · Sonata III. Frau, hier siehe deinen Sohn. Grave (9'24)
    · Sonata IV. Mein Gott, mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen? Largo (6'38)
    · Sonata V. Jesus rufet: Ach, mich dürstet! Adagio (8'46)
    · Sonata VI. Es ist vollbracht. Lento (7'39)
    · Sonata VII. Vater, in deine Hände empfehle ich meinen Geist. Largo (6'30)
    · Terremoto. Presto e con tutta la forza (1'45)

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