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Piano Trios Nos. 43-45

Patrick Cohen, Erich Höbarth, Christophe Coin
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    These three Trios were published in April 1797 by Longman and Broderip in London. Haydn brought a density and a variety of writing and expressiveness to a genre that was performed by amateur musicians with the sole aim of mutual pleasure. The spontaneous character of these compositions is a direct reflection of the inexhaustible imaginativeness of the composer and they paved the way for more daring works that from then on could be tackled only by professional musicians.

    Patrick Cohen plays a fortepiano by Anton Walter, Vienna, 1790; Erich Höbarth plays a violin by G. Guarnerius filius Andreae, Cremona, 1683; Christophe Coin plays a cello by C. A. Testore, 1758.

    This title was released for the first time in 1996.

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    • Patrick Cohen
    • Erich Höbarth
    • Christophe Coin


    JOSEPH HAYDN [1732-1809]
    Trio n°43 en Ut majeur, Hob.XV:27 C major / C-dur
    · Allegro (9'15)
    · Andante (5'35)
    · Presto (5'22)
    Trio n°44 en Mi majeur, Hob.XV:28 E major / E-dur
    · Allegro moderato (8'20)
    · Allegretto (3'30)
    · Finale. Allegro (5'40)
    Trio n°45 en Mi bémol majeur, Hob.XV:29 E flat major / Es-dur
    · Poco Allegretto (8'14)
    · Andantino ed innocentemente (3'10)
    · Finale. Presto assai (6'01)

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